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Credit Report Legal Rights Quiz (FCRA – Ohio Law)

You Worked Hard to Earn Your Good Credit. Don’t Let False Information on Your Credit Report Cast a Dark Shadow on Your Future

Bad Credit has been called the Scarlet Letter of the 20th Century. Do you know your rights? If you have false or outdated information affecting your access to credit, contact JAMISON LAW for a case review. Understand your legal rights.

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Test Your Knowledge

1. Credit Bureaus are non-profit government run agencies.

True False
False. Credit Bureaus are multi-billion dollar industries that make money from selling your personal information.

2. Your credit score can affect your access to which of the following?

A. home and car loans B. employment C. insurance D. all of the above
All of the above! In this time of high levels of unemployment and ever increasing limited access to credit, it's more important than ever to protect your good name.

3. What is your first step to see if incorrect information on your credit report may be affecting your access to credit?

A. wait for a credit denial B. review your credit report regularly C. ignore it D. wait for a debt collector to call
B. You can get a free copy of your credit report once a year from each of the three major Credit Bureaus at annualcreditreport.com

4. Credit Bureaus do not have to correct or delete incorrect or unverifiable about you on your credit report.

True False
False. Credit Bureaus must correct or delete unverifiable damages if they do not.

5. What was the #1 complaint reported by consumers to the FTC in 2011 and for the past eleven years?

A. Auto fraud B. An overspending spouse C. Identity theft D. Telephone solicitation
C. Identity theft. It was also the top consumer complaint for Ohio.

6. If a Credit Bureau refuses to remove or delete incorrect information about you on your credit report, you may be entitled to:

A. Free credit reports B. Money damages and your attorney fees C. Bad credit and high interest rates D. Being sued for a debt that is not yours E. All of the Above.
All of the above!

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