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Outdated Information on Credit Report

Outdated Information on Your Consumer Credit Report?

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Under federal law, negative information must be removed from your consumer credit report after a certain time elapses.

How Long Does Information Remain on Credit Reports?

  • Good information or information that doesn’t adversely affect your score: Indefinitely
  • Criminal convictions: Indefinitely
  • Credit transaction exceeding $150,000: Indefinitely
  • Employment with annual salary exceeding $75,000: Indefinitely
  • Bankruptcies: 10 years after date of Entry of Relief
  • Lawsuits and Judgments: 7 years after longer of Date of Entry or expiration of SOL
  • Records relating to Arrest: Same as Lawsuits and Judgments
  • Paid tax liens: 7 years after paid
  • Student loans: Varies
  • Accounts placed for Collection or Charged Off: 7.5 years from date of first delinquency
  • Everything else: 7 years

Contact consumer lawyer Mandy Jamison today if you have outdated information on your consumer credit report.

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