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Common Questions about Ohio Credit Reporting Laws

Did you know that over two million (yes, 2,000,000) consumers reports are created by the Big Three credit bureaus alone each day in response to consumer application for credit, insurance and employment?

Did you know many consumer reports contain inaccurate information that could lower the consumer’s credit score?

Did you know that ID theft has been the #1 consumer complaint with the FTC for the 11 years?

Did you know the credit reporting industry is a for profit, multi-billion dollar industry that makes money by selling your credit information to potential and existing creditors, insurers and employers when they make decisions that will impact the welfare of you and your family?

Did you know that derogatory information on your credit report can lead to employment denials, insurance denials, credit denials, and less favorable terms that you would otherwise be entitled to?

Did you know that federal law requires that the credit bureaus remove or correct inaccurate or outdated information on your credit report?

But what can you do today?

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