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Legal Ways to Prevent or Fix Credit Report Errors (FCRA)

What YOU can do to Protect Your Good Name under Ohio Law & the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Your Credit Report Cheat Sheet

Step #1: Obtain a FREE copy of your credit report

It is suggested that you do so at least once per year, or anytime you are denied employment, credit or insurance based upon information in your credit report.

How, you ask? Don’t bother with monitoring services that charge you money. Federal law requires that the “Big Three” (Experian, Equifax & Trans Union) provide you a copy of your credit report for free, once a year, or anytime you are turned down. Just go to www.annualcreditreport.com.

You are encouraged to request copies of your reports by MAIL, rather than over the Internet. This will prevent the possibility of waiving any important rights when you check the little box agreeing to their terms.

Note: Even this website will have pop-ups trying to sell you things – you may close out of those windows or say “No Thanks” and continue to your FREE credit report).

There are other instances where it would be wise to review your report, such as if you are being contacted by debt collectors for accounts you know nothing about – you may be an identity theft victim.

Step #2: Carefully review your credit reports

First see if there are any names, addresses, or personal information on your report that do not belong to you; you may be the victim of identity theft or the victim of a mixed credit file.

Note: Different credit bureaus may report different information about you.

Next, look to see if anything is reporting the does not belong to you, or is otherwise incorrect.

Third, check for possible outdated information. Generally speaking, the credit bureaus must remove adverse information after seven years. Certain exceptions apply, such as bankruptcy, which may hang around for ten years.

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