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“Don’t let businesses scare you. I have dedicated my practice to assisting consumers just like you, because I care deeply about my client and obtaining just and equitable results.” — Mandy Jamison, J.D.

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Experienced, Caring Firm Dedicated to Protecting Consumers

Consumer protection attorney, Mandy Jamison, owner of JAMISON LAW, LLC, has dedicated her practice to helping individuals and families in all areas of consumer law, including credit reporting errors, identity theft, unfair debt collection, poor construction and repairs, and lemon law violations. JAMISON LAW, LLC is experienced and dedicated to helping those consumers who have been victimized by fraudulent, deceptive and abusive practices. Offering years of training, education and experience to help consumers just like you.

Consumer Advocacy Firm Working Exclusively for Consumers like You

JAMISON LAW, LLC focuses on individual consumers and their families. You have legal rights whether you are fighting to reclaim your good name after a credit reporting mistake, or want to put an end to harassing conduct from overzealous bill collectors. JAMISON LAW, LLC has the legal skills and dedication to stand up for your legal rights.

  • Credit Reporting Errors – Your credit standing can affect your access to home mortgages, vehicle loans, employment and even insurance. Inaccurate or outdated information can hurt. JAMISON LAW, LLC can help.
  • Identity Theft – Identity theft continues to rise. Identity theft is a crime, and it is one that can cause you serious harm. When identity theft strikes, JAMISON LAW, LLC knows what to do to correct the damage so you can get your life back on track.
  • Debt Collection Abuse / Defense – Whether you owe money or not, you have legal rights. State and federal laws are in place to keep collectors from deceitful, threatening, abusive and harassing conduct. JAMISON LAW, LLC can put a stop to unfair debt collection and uphold your rights under the law. JAMISON LAW, LLC offers both debt collection defense and can pro-actively pursue claims in state or federal court for violations of fair debt collection laws. Contact JAMISON LAW, LLC if you are being sued or abused by a debt collector.
  • Lemon Law / Automobile Fraud – Whether you bought a new or used vehicle, you have rights. If you paid good money for a problem vehicle, contact JAMISON LAW, LLC today.
  • Home Construction / Remodeling – Your home is your safe haven, your joy and your investment. JAMISON LAW, LLC understands you have high expectations when it comes to your home and is able to assist you if you there are problems along the way. From partial remodels, to home additions, to new a brand new home, JAMISON LAW, LLC is there to assist you if there are problems along with way.  
  • Poor Vehicle or Home Repairs – You are entitled to receive the goods and services you need, and request, within a timely and reasonable manner. JAMISON LAW, LLC handles a variety of cases involving home and/or vehicle repairs, from deceptive contracts and unreasonable delays through shoddy repairs.
  • Breach of Contract / Breach of Warranty – JAMISON LAW, LLC is knowledgeable and experienced in both contract and warranty laws. Contact JAMISON LAW, LLC today if you need help fighting a business that simply will not uphold its end of the deal.

Comprehensive Consumer Law Attorney When You Need It

JAMISON LAW, LLC is here for you when you need assistance. For a Case Review, contact JAMISON LAW online, or call Attorney Mandy Jamison at 937-435-4000.

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